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Tariq Mogul – Managing Director

Tariq Abdullah has graduated of Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL with highest honors in Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry.

He is very analytical in terms of conducting due diligence for business development. He possess great ability to adapt to new environments, both at social and economic level. His strength lies in creating practical strategies for successful business negotiations. He always look for simple and practical solution within a complex mechanism.

During the period of 1991 till 1992 he helped his brother setup new DIY stores at multiple locations in England. He also managed the restaurant business for 6 months in England. He was introduced to garment manufacturing industries in Dubai, UAE, in 1992. He spend an entire year to learn and understand the industry whilst representing garment manufacturers of UAE in USA from 1993 till 1997 and selling their productions to large retail stores like JC Penny’s, Wal-Mart, Sears, and Target.

From 1997 till 2012, he was engaged in multiple businesses: Trade Financing, Accounting, Tax Planning, Insurance, Capital Markets, Private Investments, etc. During this period he also represented top insurance companies in USA such as MetLife, John Hancock, Guardian and Union Central.